About Us


First School is a non-profit, play-based preschool and child development center, which incorporates Pre-K academic learning outcomes. Structured activities are provided to facilitate engagement in a variety of sensory learning, including visual, auditory, verbal, and kinesthetic enrichment. We promote educational opportunities through play in the areas of socio-emotional, cognitive development, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, introduction to mathematical concepts, health and science discovery, cultural diversity, inclusion and affirmation. Children enjoy many activities which engage them in learning through play in the fresh air under the redwood tree and inside the security of our ivy-covered fence.

We believe a small, stable group of children with caring teachers creates an environment in which children are free to ask questions and explore activities that interest them is ideal preparation for kindergarten and beyond. Weekly curricular themes allow an in-depth exploration of many topics, and the social skills, routines and discipline students learn prepares them to enter kindergarten with confidence.